What is IdiomConnect™?

IdiomConnect™ is an App that preserves your School Memories and keeps you connected with your classmates, faculty and administrators… all from your smartphone or tablet… and all for $5.00!
IdiomConnect™ is a kinda like:
  • A social media site
  • A yearbook
  • An all-in marketing platform for:
    • Students
    • Schools and
    • School districts
  • An online directory
  • All rolled together and in one place…your smartphone
The IdiomConnect™ App is easy to create, surprisingly inexpensive, fully interactive, updatable and connected through your smartphone or tablet.
IdiomConnect™ preserves your most important school and life memories in the place you want them…on your smartphone.

It’s like a mashup between
the internet and a Yearbook…

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