IdiomConnect™, for the way YOU live YOUR Life.

How long could you live without your CELLPHONE? Probably around 8 hours… those 8 hours would be the ones when you were asleep. And during the day, it will never be further away from you than you can reach.

We LOVE our cellphones. We use them to communicate with our friends, to take and save pictures, to play games and watch videos… to remember. You can have a printed yearbook just like your parents did. But, sometimes, you want to relive those memories ‘right now’ and your book is at home… in a box.

IdiomConnect™ preserves those memories in a way that makes them accessible any time you want, any where you want. It also gives you access to videos of your School experience. It lets you stay in touch with your Classmates. It allows you to constantly update your personal page to share with everyone, to tell your story.

And all for $5!

IdiomConnect™ keeps your Class CONNECTED.

IdiomConnect™ is the NEXT GENERATION way to preserve your most important memories!

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