Get Started!

We’ll hold your hand all the way…

Step 1

Your School needs to subscribe to IdiomCreate™, then you can begin building IdiomConnect™.

Step 2

Decide if you want to purchase a bundle.

Senior Bundle (Bundles can be purchased later)
Choose the Senior Bundle if the school is purchasing IdiomConnect™ for all or most of the Seniors or if IdiomConnect™ is included in the Senior Dues and the school will pay Idiom.

NOTE: If you want to purchase either bundle AFTER purchasing IdiomCreate, you must do that in your IdiomCreate project. Simply sign into your project and on the Main Table of Contents, choose – Manage Students and Faculty. Then select individual Students/Faculty or select all then choose the Pay for Students and/or Pay for Faculty.

Faculty Bundle
For $99 the School can purchase a copy of IdiomConnect for all of the Faculty/Administration

Step 3

There are two options for individuals to purchase the IdiomConnect App:

A. Senior/Faculty
This is for ONLY the Seniors and Faculty/Administrators who will be in the App, who have had their portraits uploaded into the App.

B. Friends/Family/Underclassman/Seniors/Faculty not in the App
This option is for anyone who is NOT a Senior or Faculty member whose PORTRAIT has not been uploaded to the App.

Step 4

If you are a District, you can pay for IdiomCreate and any of the bundles for multiple schools at once.

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